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06-03-2006, 03:55 AM
Seeing as how most of the attention has been on the image side of the camera, I’d love to see the RED folks truly blaze new territory and offer professional grade sound options. If you’re going to have a camera capable of beautiful 4K uncompressed images, shouldn’t it have equally good sound to go with it?

Now under ‘ideal’ conditions, the camera should operate as a secondary sound recording source, or at least have a good mixer between it and the microphone, but as we all know in low budget shoots or run-n-gun news style shooting, a lot of times the best you can hope for is a shotgun mic on a boom pole being run right into camera.

I know on their site right now, RED states that 24 bit, 48k is capable, and making the jump to 24 bit is a great step in the right direction, and it’s true that in most situations the 48k standard will be adequate, but for highly detailed sounds or material that you know ahead of time is going to have heavy effects applied or time-stretching done, the ability to go to 96 or 192K would be most helpful. The big things I’d love to see are:

- - Good mic pre-amps would go a LONG way to helping get better sound.
- - A good headphone amp that adds little noise to the signal and that can actually drive a pair of headphones above ambient noise levels.
- - A built in, high quality limiter and high-pass filter is a must in my book.
- - From the mock-up photos, the camera appears to have 2 XLR jacks… I would love to see 4 jacks, but I also realize that form factor may not allow this.
- - I know this is a small thing, but useful audio meters would be most helpful.

What would be truly awesome would be the ability to control link to an external audio hard disk recorder such as the Sound Devices 7 Series (http://www.sounddevices.com/products/7.htm)of recorders so you could in essence link in as many record inputs as you needed and have all of your audio files be exactly the same length with matching timecode. In fact, Sound Devices seems to be doing for the audio world what RED is attempting to do for the video – provide an extremely high quality product that is fully professionally capable for a reasonable price.

I realize that having a good audio section might not be as revolutionary as the ‘Mysterium Sensor’, but it’s sad to see so many cameras rolling out that can produce million dollar images, yet offer food stamp sound.

-Jeff Deel
www.audioflex.com (http://www.audioflex.com/)

06-05-2006, 12:17 AM
This is a very solid point, and probably fairly feasible. Workflow is key during production, and if the audio is truly professional quality, then an external audio recorder would not be necessary, and simplifies the audio portion of post considerably. Being able to link to another recorder is a great idea, and would allow the camera to go beyond 4 channels when necessary. The ultimate solution would be essentially having the guts of a Sound Devices 744T recorder built into the camera. Being a fan of the 744 myself, I can really see where you are going with this.