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05-26-2006, 08:19 PM
IMHO, dvxuser.com is one of the best resource forums all over the internet and not only regarding the official cameras around here (DVX, HVX and RED) but also including the other cameras and its excellent sub-forum. However, similar to the Jim's (Jannard) method with the RED hype, Jarred is giving us as his readers what we're asking. And as it's possible to follow now, if the other cameras sub-forum is up again with more visibility though into off-topic section, it is because of the Silicon Imaging / Cineform camcorder hype, as well.

I've been trying to post@your_official_forum but without success... So, my only alternative is posting here too with better results I hope:

Concerning your $12,500 configuration:
1) the photos posted two days ago@spoon_blog (http://indiefilmlive.blogspot.com) are from there?
2) is it possible to have a laptop as PC device recording?
3) what's the configuration gear total weight?

The fact of being RED buyer as #111 reservation holder, as Ari well knows, it doesn't mean that I cannot be interested to buy a unit of your camera as well. I'll be waiting for an answer as soon as possible.

Also I'd like to know if it's available from now the $12,500 version and if I can update to the full version in September.

:dankk2: in advance,

Ari Presler
05-27-2006, 07:06 AM
1) if it will be that the $12,500 configuration;


The rig was custom built by the Spoon team. Do you think we need to offer some premade rigs?

2) if it's possible to have a laptop as PC device recording;

Yes. Thats the idea. Spoon has 2 cameras, one Eve (full body) and one mini-Eve (Remote Camera) which they are using a separate PC for recording.

3) the configuration gear total weight.

As you well know, the HDVR(Eve) is in mechanical redesign for lower weight and will not be finalized for another 4-6 weeks. It is only a question of how small and how lightweight we go to the opposite extreme. What would you think of a camera the size of an XL2?

Of course a remote head camera rig can be made handheld (depending on lens are accesories).

We are hesitant to release any more preproduction units. We will likely release the remote head (mini-Eve) before the complete HDVR camera (Eve). In this case, we will offer an upgrade, but there will likely be a price incetive (or disincentive depending on how you look at it) to order the complete system upfront, take delivery of Mini-Eve and get the remaining system 30~45 days later. This will help us guage production volumes better.

Based on the Spoon shoot. It sounds like the best package will be one of each !!

05-27-2006, 08:52 PM
Congrats for the name of the cam! Good find!

OK, is the Mini-Eve $12,500 offer available now? During the next month of June? And now, it will be possible get the remaining system 30~45 days later? What will be the price incentive (or disincentive depending on how you look at it...) to order the complete system upfront? I hope for an incentive one... :Drogar-BigGrin(DBG)

Ari Presler
05-28-2006, 06:01 AM
The current thinking is IF we allow some limited quantity of prorotype units out the door we would give priority to those who purchase the Silicon HDVR (EVE). We would ship the Silicon Mini-HD only and ship the Silicon HDVR when it is ready (no upgrade cost - incentive).

IF we do allow purchase of the Mini-HD ($12.5K) there would be an upgrade fee of $2K (disincentive).

05-28-2006, 05:25 PM
:dankk2: Ari for the answer.

If I well understood, I'd like your helpful answer regarding the following questions:


Although your priority may be the Silicon HDVR (EVE) version, there is also the possibility to allow purchase of the $12,500 version before september already since next June ? If allowed of course...

And in this case, about the $12,500 pack announced from your website FAQ:


«The pricing for a camera head system, which includes the SI-1920HD-GE camera head, a copy of Prospect HD Edit, Premiere Pro 2.0, a Arri-base-plate adapter, and two Fujinon c-mount lenses will retail for $12,500.»

a) What c-mount lenses will be provided with the pack ? wideangle, zoom ?

b) The provided Cineform Prospect HD is the full version ready for online editing ?


Will there be or not an upgrade from the $12,500 Mini-Eve preproduction prototype buyers (if allowed) to a future Silicon HDVR (EVE) ?

a) And if yes, only to post-september customers ?

b) The upgrade $2K disincentive that you're talking about is it just for your Mini-Eve preproduction units or as well to the Mini-Eve production units ? And in this case it will be $2K PLUS the difference from the $12,500 ?


Will there be an upgrade from the $12,500 Mini-Eve preproduction prototype buyers (if allowed) to the future production Mini-Eve ?

That is: will the Mini-Eve production version be different than the Mini-Eve prototype ? Or if there will be differences JUST @software or firmware level, therefore, it will be possible to solve as a simple software or firmware upgrade ? And if so, what will it be this cost ?

Ari Presler
05-29-2006, 05:11 AM
All these items have not yet been decided. I would think, IF we allow any protos out, we would have an upgrade method or program, as we would not want these staying in the field. The incentive will be to buy the Eve package (aka Silicon HD DVR) and not sure we will allow anyone not buying it, to get early access. Upgrades will require the units to come back to us for hardware changes (not just firmeware).