View Full Version : Help I need a new camera!!!!

05-22-2006, 08:21 PM
Ok guys,

I dont know where else to post this so I will post it here. I am an aspiring filmmaker (who among us is not?) and right now I have a panasonic dv53 miniDv camera. The thing keeps jamming and eating tapes so I figure its time to upgrade. Since i am still in school and cannot afford my "real" camera just yet (1 more year!!!) I need something to get me through.

Basically I want a camera that will allow me to learn some things about filmmaking as well as composting and digital sets (for which I will use shake and maya) while I wait to get my real camera. Right now my budget would be a camera for under 500 (max 550 maybe!) that will let me shoot some decent shots, has great manual controls and good depth of field. just something I can piddle with to try my hand at creating shorts, and doing some color correction and composting.

So what suggestions does everyone have?

I have owned 2 Xl-1's before and love that camera, but that was before I saw the panasonic HVX200 (which for the time being is my REAL camera until I take a harder look at RED). When I get out of school thank god it looks like I will get a sign on bonus that will cover the cost of a nice camera.

I've looked at the panasonic GS300 as well as the 250. I like the 250 due to the focus ring. Also something with a little weight to it so I can use my home built steadicam and crane with would be nice (both can accomodate aroun 4lbs each for a camera. )

So what suggestions would you have for a camera that I can shoot some decent looking shorts with as well as import into FCP/Shake/Maya for some basic compositing skills?

Any and all help please!!!

Tim C