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03-28-2006, 03:43 AM
Hi Guys.
I have been reading my last thread abouth xl-h1 and the possibility of discovery channel accepting this camera. Its seems clear that if you master to hdcam-they will. O.k, within the coming weeks I'll more than likely be purchasing this camera. I'm a complete beginner.HD(PAL) isnt widely available in Ireland as of yet. What will I have to purchase along with this hdv camera?I will not be getting a deck as I cant afford that. What type of computer hardware and software will I require?Whats the best editing software? If I film in hdv mode, and compress the data lets say a mixture of 60i and 24f onto a normal dvd, will there be a massive drop in quality. Would a documentary of lets say 2 hours fit onto a normal dvd. Would the quality of hdv still be better compressed rather than making a documentary on sd mode.Are there computers available yet that have hd hardware that would allow me to burn hd dvds? Please someone help as I'm planning on buying this camera soon.Thanks