View Full Version : jvc in Kurdish iraq field documentary use.

03-23-2006, 09:13 AM
just came back from a month +++ shooting in northern Iraq (kurdistan) having used my JVC hd100u... for a documentary

The documentary story of the nuts and bolts of going to iraq is somewhat interesting, however i have chosen not to go into detail because i do not want to encourage people to go, couldn't have that on my conscience. However i think i can answer questions about the camera i used in my extended field use.

footage has now been analyzed by the major post house in the city as dubs were being made and they were amazed at its footage as compared to other hdv cameras...
When scene at full resolution when problem solving with an editor, it literally stopped work and created a crowd.

nuts and bolts... the end result is a strong endorsement...

in the field it functioned as it should and held up... the camera is robust with metal where it should have it.

The anton batteries lasted all day. at least ...
The Length of lens was fantastic especially for creating seperation and needed depth of field. fuji's wide angle adapter looked great as well.
low light it performed like hd does/ not great however when frame rates dropped to 1/24th it was sufficient. I had no gain problems

it is of the feeling for this type of doc that having tape was important/ 1 because rolling power outages and surges killed computers there sometimes even through protectors/... (no slam on the panasonic/ i've only heard good things)

under the
could be improved...
roll up time/ and view finder...

My background is using sony sx/sp/digibeta... Panny 900sx (a true beauty) and sony's large hd cam (a touch heavy for doc verite doc use, but fantastic)
I chose the jvc for its ease of manual use and it was a fairly easy translation. i perhaps should post a couple of pics of it in action.

i shot it 24p creating some post headaches that hopefully will solved.

ps Kurdish iraq is a fair bit safer than the rest of the country or surrounding countries for that matter