View Full Version : Betrayed and Bad-Tempered Music

03-20-2006, 10:59 AM
Hi Guys

I wrote this draft music from a HeroFest script, but as it turns out it is not now needed.

Here it is for your interest:

Betrayal mp3 (http://www.steve-dunster.com/SteveDunster-HeroFest.mp3)

1 min 43 secs, 2.437MB. Betrayed by her lover, stripped of her powers, she feels alone, hollow, helpless, lost. Then she sees the truth and with each blow she grows stronger until her powers fully return - she is then ready to do what must be done. This is one bad-tempered chick!

Please do not use this music without my permission, but if you think it would be useful for your production I would be delighted to develop it for you - or indeed write something completely different for you.

Drop me a line if I can be of any help