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03-19-2006, 03:26 AM
Prior to buying my Panasonic DVX100AG 24fps camera I had a JVC GR-DX77U which, in my opinion, is a great little consumer grade camera. I still use it for certain work. In a effort to create a look closer to film with the GR-DX77U, I slowed down the video playback of some footage in my Sony Vegas editor and was able to produce a viewing cadence that was very pleasing. I have also learned from experience that how you shot and edit tape in the final product is sometimes more of a determining factor of quality than the camera one uses.

Here is a link to a 6 minute short I produced last year using the GR-DX77U.


As you will see from the video the JVC GR-DX77U has a great telephoto lens and produces very good video. The clip is entitled "An Afternoon in the Bavarian Alps" and, although the videography is not exactly my best work (I had a cheap tripod with me that day), it will give you an idea of the level of production quality that can be achieved, even with a less expensive consumer grade camera. Turn up your speakers and enjoy the music and scenery. The clip is in the DivX format and, if you don't have it, the webpage will prompt you to download/install the plugin and then the video will play automatically.

03-23-2006, 06:21 AM
Thanks for posting that amigo, and Keep the footage coming. How about some raw stuff from the HD-100 of your native land.