View Full Version : Dual Monitor Setup?

03-16-2006, 07:10 AM
We just got the Panasonic LH1700W monitor to go with the HVX200.

In a studio configuration I would like to be able to view the image not only on the LH1700 monitor, but also on a conventional CRT TV as well. This is a 20" Sony that only offers S-VHS and Composite inputs. I've found that my ad agency clients really like this "safety factor" of seeing what things look like on a "real" TV. If I'm shooting 480p I can go out from the camera's S-VHS and into the same on the Panasonic. But if I'm shooting at 720p I want to go component out into the Panasonic's componenent in.

I've tried going from the S-VHS outputs of the LH1700W to the Sony, but am not getting a picture. Is the S-VHS setup in the LH1700W a passthrough only?

How can I view images on both monitors at the same time when shooting 720?


03-16-2006, 10:05 AM
Not sure, but it sounds like you'd need some form of downconverter in the chain. The HVX disables composite and s-video when the component output is connected, so you can't get the signal from there. And I'd assume that the 1700 is a pass-through only, so... presumably some sort of signal downconverter from the 1700's outputs to the sony's input would be required.