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03-12-2006, 07:30 AM
Here is a clip of a fully zoomed shot with pan using the stock Fujinon lens and a clear filter on the HD100U:


The buildings in the cityscape (Vancouver) are between 5 (nearer buildings) to 10 (further buildings) miles away from the camera's location. The edge of the park (Stanley Park/Ferguson Point bordering on English Bay) in the second clip is approximately two miles away. No attempt was made for focus adjustment in relation to the trees in the foreground during the pan.

The undulations in the image were caused by heat waves of a late winter sun making an unexpected appearance (at least for Vancouver) on an otherwise cold March day.

Footage was shot at 29.970 fps in HD mode and captured direct from camera to Vegas 6.0d via firewire and the raw .m2t file was slapped into the project file and rendered directly to MPEG-2 without any plug-ins, corrections or treatments other than the fade to the second clip.

Overall, I was impressed with what this camera and the stock $800 lens produced in the hands of an extremely boneheaded novice.

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