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02-23-2006, 07:32 AM
Hey guys and girls....I was just wondering if anyone here could assist me in finding some software that can do some special efx for me. I'm editing on Vegas now (my first time really doing that from Premiere Pro) as I like the sound options versus the other programs. Anyway I'm still poking around but I was hoping that you guys could recomend any software that can do simple things and whether or not they could simply be dropped into Vegas or if I have to render them separately and put them together. I'm not looking for something like Maya...just something I can do some simple kill scenes with. Spinning someones head around, maybe some eye-lighting effects, possibly a morph and shooting energy out of someones hands. (I do horror movies, and horror-comedy). If you guys and girls can think of any programs let me know please. I would greatly appreciate it.

The Truth

02-23-2006, 09:57 AM
After Effects... but I think you can do alot of those effects in Vegas, but you'll have to ask the Vegas experts.

lord neptune
02-27-2006, 04:42 PM
hi 'thetruth'

sounds like you have some cool ideas going. as the previous post suggests, you could probably use aftereffects, but its a good idea to stay away from aef this days - seen so many effects shots come through the studio with identifiable aftereffects stuff on them!! :/
for a spinning head - 3d would be best, but faling that - shooting some additional footage of the actor spinning around on the spot (head shot) and then comping that onto your original plate with some careful masks could work. ive done stuff like that before. just gotta plan it all out.
id go for combustion - much more stable than afterfx and useful for the energy stuff coming out of hands (as you mentioned) as it has built in particle systems.
the 2d tracker is also handy - and would work well on the eye shots you mentioned. by setting a coloured layer to something like 'overlay' (like in photoshop layers) and then traking it to the actors eyes will start moving you in the right direction.

good luck :)