View Full Version : Wind Noise When Recording On Location Sound FX

02-17-2006, 05:03 AM
Does anyone have any tips on reducing wind noise beyond using a wind shield system. I.e. types of foam / material that can be used as extra protection.

Thanking you in advance.

02-17-2006, 05:35 AM
The most effective windscreens rely on DEAD-AIR-SPACE. So if you want to DIY an effective windscreen you need to try to accomplish that first. A normal blimp has at least 2" of space around the mic head in ALL directions. So your cage must be 4" or larger in diameter.

I'm always looking at the mesh screen pencil cups and stuff like that which you can see at Walmart or any other department store... then take several stockings... the short ones that are only $0.99 a pair and come in a little plastic ball... and black or grey... and stretch those over the cage. You can suspend the mic in the cage with rubber bands. Something like this is going to be the most effective.

If you're talking about DIY'ing something just look at the existing products and then consider unrelated products that share those characteristics of construction and size.

If there is significant wind then you need fur on top of that. This also can be found at Walmart or a fabric store.

Mic foam is just "open-cell" foam. You can buy it by the foot at any audio shop such as Trew Audio. If you use this to construct an extra windscreen you should still strive to create a dead airspace between that foam and the stock foam. An ugly DIY improvement is to just thicken your windscreen with a piece of the acoustic foam and then pull a couple of those short stockings over that... That works better then you might think.