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01-30-2006, 12:33 PM
Hey gang! A few years back, I was pretty big into still 35mm photography. I'm picking up a M2 adapter for my future HVX. I have a few lenses for my old Pentax that I was hoping to use on the M2. My question is... Pentax and Canon lenses are interchangeable, right? So I would need to order the Canon lens mount for the M2? ...or am I totally backwards, and Pentax/Canon lenses are totally different? Also, can an autofocus lens from a new Canon digital SLR be used with the M2 (minus autofocus, obviously...)? ANY help will be greatly appreciated. :laugh:

01-30-2006, 01:06 PM
Dear dosborn:

SHORT ANSWER: totally different

LONG ANSWER (aka more info than you wanted):

Pentax lenses originally were a threaded mount (M42) and later became a bayonet (K2). The old Canon FD lenses were a breach lock bayonet. The new EOS lenses are a bayonet. None of these are interchangeable/compatible.

You should note that the Canon EOS lenses do not have an iris control ring , making changing the F-stop manually impossible.

Bill Turner
Schneider Optics
Century Division

01-30-2006, 08:04 PM
thanks for the heads up, bill! well, like mick jagger said... you can't always get what you want. :laugh: