View Full Version : Why dont they Make a 35mm consumer camera?

01-23-2006, 04:26 PM
i dont see why they dont make a 35mm lens version of the DVX or any other 24p camera. itd be cheap simple, and everyone would buy it.

01-23-2006, 06:12 PM
itd be cheap simple, and everyone would buy it.

note: i assume you mean a 24p camera with a 35mm sensor to use 35mm lenses
not exactly. first off, mass producing 35mm chips would be killer. yea yea, they already have them in bulk, but have you ever checked the price on them? since manufactuers can fit only so many chips on one wafer, the more chips they can get out of one wafer the lower the cost and the higher the profit. compared to say 1/3" chips, 35mm chips are a hell of alot bigger. on top of chips, you'll need to choose a lens standard or make one. it just wouldnt happen.

also i agree a helluvalot of "us" would buy it, but i think most of us would like a camera that's versatile. from shallow to deep dof, autofocus to full manual, 60p to 1p and every scanning mode known to man. i guess we can't have it all.

i know ill eat my words when "red" comes out, yet i dont know how "cheap" it will be.