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Jarred Land
12-13-2005, 12:49 PM
A lot of people who visit DVXuser might think its full of tough guerrilla filmmakers. But what they don’t realize is that DVXusers are some of the kindest and most generous people you’ll ever meet (online). Yes, they might be busy shooting or editing the next big blockbuster, but they always seem to have time to answer your questions and, even, help those less fortunate. DVXuser showed this kinder-side when I, PK Gillock, was volunteering in Thailand and needed help for some charity projects.


In July, 2005 I became very concerned about the safety of the students in Thailand. Over 80% of Thai students ride motorcycles but less than 5% wear helmets. As you can imagine, there are no “fender benders” when a motorcycle has an accident. 20,000 are killed each year and 100,000 injured. I had visited too many students in the hospital and the police were not doing anything to enforce the helmet law. Something had to be done.


The solution was simple, a $3.25 helmet for every student. But, when you’re alone, broke, and 10,000 miles from home, there’s not a lot you can do. So, as always, I turned to DVXuser for help. I posted a thread in the Café area about the “Helmets for Students” project. Within a few hours enough money was raised for 50 helmets. In a week there was enough for 250. After almost a month that number had reached over 500 helmets. They were then donated to schools around Nong Khai, Thailand (the poorest region). The police also got involved, teaching road safety, and donating another 1,000 helmets. This project never would have got off the ground if it weren’t for DVXuser member's motivation and support.


Wait, DVXusers didn't stop there. The following month I heard about a school for orphans and decided to rent a bus and take them all to see a movie. Something most had never done before. DVXuser once again came to the rescue. Within a few hours some members had donated enough to cover the bill for the next “Day at the Movies” project. (Which will most likely be King Kong.)


Now DVXuser members are showing their support, once again, by placing “a little blue man” in some of their signature spaces. That blue man is the logo of Isara.com (http://www.isara.com/), a site I setup to help those in need. Not wanting to constantly ask DVXuser for donations, Isara.com works without donations. People just need to make the site their default homepage (most use Google or Yahoo, but those sites don’t need help – they’re rich). Just by switching your homepage to isara.com (http://www.isara.com/) , you will be helping fund many more projects. How? Because 100% of all the money from advertising goes directly to the charity projects Isara has created. You can view the website for videos, photos, and more information about how the site works. There's also regional versions (UK, Australia, etc.) available. Please check it out.

http://www.laundryday.com/dvx/dvxuser5.jpg (http://www.isara.com/)

Thank you to DVXuser and to all it’s members and visitors. None of these projects could have been possible without you. Each of you have made a big difference and I can not thank you enough.

Ok, maybe one more time, "Thank you DVXusers." :thumbsup:

PK Gillock and Jarred Land

12-13-2005, 09:01 PM