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10-31-2005, 03:57 PM
Hi Guys,

Just a quick question..?

Can the HD 24P footage from the JVC be edited within Adobe Premiere Pro...?

If not...........which NLE software package would you recommend....!

FCP.....Ulead......Avid.........???? for speed and stability.....

Plus - are there any video cards.....i.e. Canopus Storm....which can give real time
transitions/ color correction ......for HD 24p


Darren Wharton


10-31-2005, 04:26 PM
The answer to the first question is yes, however you'll have to purchase Cineform AspectHD for ProHD end to end.

I use Pinnacle Liquid 6.1 which is HDV native but there is no capture for 24P and the capture takes place externally with CapDVHS. 720p30 works end to end.

FCP is another Native HDV option but they are in the same boat as Pinnacle. There is no capture of 24p ProHD and they resort to another capture method as well. 720p30 works end to end.


Avid XpressPro just came out with HDV support but it does not fully integrate Liquid's HDV timeline so it may not be fully baked. I don't know.


Vegas, I believe uses Cineform?

On Liquid, I've been sending ProHD 720p24 capture support request for a while. Maybe they'll include it, after all HDV is one of their main purposes as an NLE.

What are you currenly cutting on?

11-01-2005, 02:17 AM
Thanks for the advice Stephen,

I'm still working with Premiere 6.....with a Canopus Storm 2 card.
.....it's a good fast real time system for DV....but it doesn't support HD 24P.

Main reason being - I haven't bought my new camera yet..! I decided to up-date my camera last year . Initially I was going to go for a DVX100A, but there have been so many advances of late......FX1's...HVX200, JVCHD100....I can't decide which camera to go for.

I must admit, I'm well impressed with the JVC...especially being able to shoot HD25p to mini DV tape. I know the HVX sounds great....but the P2 cards
seem a tad expensive......at the moment.

I'm a musician really......so I want to produce music videos that will stand up quality wise on VH1 & MTV......so I'm keen to get the most 'filmic look' I can.



11-01-2005, 06:52 AM
Darren, You're a wise man. You're looking at how all the pieces fit together. Best of luck.