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01-26-2017, 12:43 PM
So I didn't see a film convert thread here. I use it quite a bit, but there are circumstances where it really messes up the exposure.

I hope this makes sense in this forum as it's more grading than colouring.

So I find when I light a scene and shoot it - if the other available light is weak I tend to get blown out highlights after the conversion.

This is shooting on the Sony FS700 with Slog2 on the Odyssey 7Q - usually 4k prores or UHD prores. Many people don't like how red looks orange on that setup when grading yourself through a simple NLE system like fcpx, but with film convert the reds look great! The problem is I end up losing a significant amount of detail.

My latest shoot there is a shot where I shot ice-cubes falling into a blender and that one really stood out. In Slog playback you could see so much detail on each cube, the translucency, markings, and shaved 'snow' textures as well. After converting they were all bright white and had almost no detail and no translucency.

Quick side note - anyone with an fs700 + Odyssey shooting log knows (should) to overexpose by at least 1 stop, many times 2 stops and I do that and all the highlights are 'rescued' when bringing it down in post - but this problem is specific to film convert in my experience. There are small things that help mitigate it but sometimes I"m left with a frame that's overall too dark.

So questions would be - how do 'curves' affect the image? If I pull the mid towards the highlight side (on the right) it tends to make things a bit better - but I don't know exactly what I'm doing. My guess is it's making the middle exposure to be closer to the highlights, thus bringing the highlights down?
Would this be better do do within film convert or use fcpx's exposure tool after the conversion?

Thanks and if there is a thread for FC experts, please let me know - didn't see much in a search. I do really like how it's handles colour and 'texture', just having a tough time with those highlights!

01-27-2017, 10:26 AM
I use a FS700 Odyssey 7Q combo too and agree, FilmConvert does reds well. What I find works best with FC is taking the curve slider down a bit, usually around 55%. I also lose the grain. I use Premiere, so Final Cut may treat it differently, but I find the standard FC settings way too contrasty, my footage loses a lot of detail that way, but if you play with that curve slider a little, it's pretty easy to find a nice image.