View Full Version : "Color Tone" under Other Function?

10-13-2016, 01:10 PM
I think this may have appeared as part of 1.81, but I'm not sure. Under the "other functions" menu is an item "color tone" with the options "natural" or "1.4". "Natural" seems to be a default. I can't find anything on this in Barry's book, the owners manuals, or online. None of the reference material even lists this selection under "other functions". What the heck is it??

10-13-2016, 01:20 PM
I did find some mention in Panny's handbook indicating the function appeared after 1.51, but no detail on exactly what it does in relation to scene profiles or other settings....

10-13-2016, 01:31 PM
Man... I spend two days researching this then 20 minutes after I post up the question I seem to have found an answer! From a press release on the Studio Daily website:

"With the latest free firmware release, v1.51 (http://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/content/download/EN/ep2main/soft/upgdvx200_e.htm), users will still have access to the same in-camera color-adjustment tools and scene file settings, but the new default color is thought to be more pleasing. If custom looks based on the previous defaults have been created, they can still be used after reverting to the original color tones by using a new menu option."

So it would seem that the 1.41 selection reverts to the "old" color palate while "natural" is their new color palate. OK, guess I missed the big briefing where this was discussed, but in the interests of paying it forward I thought I'd just post up what I finally found for the next guy!

Jonny Gross
10-14-2016, 03:59 AM
Yes, those of us who bought the camera straight away went through a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Some things (ghosting for example) have only just been fixed, but the point is, they have been fixed! Panny listen and tweak accordingly. The original colour scheme was a sore point for a lot of early buyers and it was the source of most of the first wave of complaints. Barry released a set of his own scene files which greatly improved matters and then the aforementioned update altered the colour scheme to be more natural. Based on the new firmware, we then got new scene files, I forget if it was Barry or Panny who released them, but the GH4 matching "still-like" setting is now my go-to scene file.

10-14-2016, 06:28 AM
RTFM lol

BTW, don't call Panasonic "Panny". Panny is for Panavision. Panasonic is Panasonic. It confuses the hell out of us cinema guys. (http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?132545-Panny-Panavision)