View Full Version : Newbie 200 owner (coming from HMC150) could I ask a few questions of you guys?

08-28-2016, 12:05 PM
Hey everyone, first outing with my brand new 200 today and got a few Q's I was wondering about :)

1. Is it possible to use scene files from my HMC150 and load them into the 200 (before I try it and possibly cause problems)? I have a great profile saved and would love to have it emulated on the 200 with better image quality.

2. Can I make the 200 zoom rocker perform like the HMC150 - it seems very different, shooting off at the slightest touch and not going as quickly when fully depressed.

3. Is the lag/delay on the LCD screen in UHD mode normal? Its quite noticeable, again coming from the HMC150.

4. Does the auto focus hunt quite a bit on the 200? I was mid zoom at a dance show today, basket ball court pine coloured floor with dancer in black which should be easy for AF but on the LCD it kept losing focus sitting on a tripod - I had to switch to MF and cross my fingers.

Overall impressed with the machine and how quickly it starts up but the above 2,3 and 4 seem a bit of a step back for me over using the now 7 year old HMC it is to replace. Machine was manufactured in June 2016 and has the most current firmware (checked that out).

Many thanks for any information or assistance :)


08-29-2016, 10:51 AM
Hey Rikki,

I too came from the HMC, my absolute favorite cam ever. You'll have a few things to get used to, but you'll find with time that you'll master this cam as good as you have the HMC. A couple thoughts on your questions.

Point #1. I am not sure. I think you can go through the HMC /DVX and manually set what you can, but you're also dealing with two completely different sensors. CCD vs CMOS, Size 720 vs 4k and Global shutter vs Rolling. I am sure that you can get a similar look but I do not think you can copy of the scene file and expect the same results.

Point #3. The lag appears to be normal. I've mentioned this before and haven't really gotten much of a response. This is one of those things that you'll get used to the more you use the cam. The real issue to get used to is if you focus from the barrel, you'll eventually figure out the sweet spot.

As for 2, 4. I don't use the zoom rocker but I am sure there are menu settings that you can adjust, and I rarely if ever, use auto focus. The original DVX and HMC didn't really handle autofocus too well, so i just got used to not using it.

it's going to take some time to get used to, there are big differences bet the HMC and DVX in how they operate, but overall the results I've been able to get with this camera are unreal especially for a run and gun camera at this price point. Keep us posted!


08-29-2016, 01:29 PM
Thank you Dave for your reply - I was almost going to send it back when I returned from the job yesterday I was so disheartened by how it acted.

Like you say the HMC is a dream machine, my first ever "pro" or "prosumer" camera coming from the Canon HV20 before it and I still love it.

I also use a Nikon D800 which is a complete nightmare for video but Ive grown to be able to over come its problems and can put together fairly good pieces with it so I reckon with a bit of time you are right and the DVX will become a great asset.

I think the zoom rocker problem might be related to the lag on screen, Im expecting to see instant movement - dont - then increase finger pressure on the rocker so everything ends up a mess.

Will go out and play over the next few days and see what I can put together as a wee test show reel for myself and see how it all performs :)

Thank again!


08-29-2016, 11:28 PM
Don't give up yet Rikki. It's like getting a new car. Takes a little time to rt used to how it responda and handles. You'll find after a couple shoots you start to react differently. It's threw me off bad the first few times I took the out. I was frustrated as well. I still wish they'd find a way to fix the lag but due to the lack of response about here and with Pana. I think we'll just have to wait and see! Good luck and post some footage!