View Full Version : HCX1000 as a companion run and gun cam to dvx. Thoughts?

05-31-2016, 12:58 AM
Hey All!

Just wanted your thoughts on how the hcx1000 would match up with the dvx on rum and gun shoots. I would like a smaller lighter companion cam in the field. Gh4 is not an option as we wouldn't have time to change a lens in the field. Think storm chasing, military use etc. I love the dvx but need a smaller more agile cam to run along side.

Or is there something else I should be looking at? Obviously I could just spring for another dvx but the hcx looks like a tempting choice.


05-31-2016, 11:41 AM
The HC-X1000 could potentially be an ideal companion, in that it uses an extremely similar menu system and operationally and physically is very similar to the DVX200. The two definitely share a common design. The X1000's primary limitation is light sensitivity, but if you're using it in daylight, it might be a perfect companion.

Other cameras to consider are not yet on the market but will be this fall, the UX90 and UX180. These are 1"-sensor cameras that look to be members of the same DVX200 family, but lower on the tier. The UX90 is supposed to cost somewhere around $3k, the UX180 somewhere around $4k. The 1" sensor is about half the size of a 4/3" sensor so it's definitely not the same, but the cameras have a longer zoom range because of it (I think the UX90 is 15x and the UX180 is 20x, but I don't remember for sure). I think the UX90 doesn't do 4k/60p, I think it maxxes at 4k/30p, but I think the UX180 does 4k/60p.

These two are quite a bit bigger than the X1000, but not quite as big as the DVX200. For a lightweight tossable camera, I think the HC-X1000 might be a really good choice. Can't say as to matching the look of the DVX200, although the DVX200 is so flexible in its image processing that I'm sure a scene file could be worked up to match it to the X1000.

05-31-2016, 10:15 PM
Barry, you Rock sir! That 180 is exactly what I'm looking for and the bigger chip will definitely be an asset in lower light situations. Our low light stuff doesn't have to look pretty but we need to be able to see. - we're used to running with hmc150s and that looks like the perfect replacement for those. So far, the hmc150s are the best cams I've ever owned.

Thanks for the info!