View Full Version : The battery life SUCKS

09-27-2005, 01:58 PM
30 to 40 minutes?? Give me a break!

We just got this in today to shoot the bosses' daughter's wedding with it on Saturday.

Anybody want to rent me the Anton Bauer adapter for the weekend? :cheesy:

I'd buy one, but they're out of stock until next week sometime.

09-27-2005, 02:10 PM
Yeah, the battery life is pretty bad.

Looks like they will be introducing an IDX battery kit sometime, which would be a plate, two 4-hour batteries, and a charger all for around $1000 retail. Looks like the must-have accessory for the HD100...

09-27-2005, 02:11 PM
I'd run DC power in the church then, and unplug as the B&G leave and go to battery...

Guess you'd need someone to bash you power cables.:)

09-27-2005, 02:30 PM
You bought an HD100 to shoot your bosses daughter's wedding? Sheeeesh. Must be nice. ;)

Seems a bit overkill... sorta like buying a Sony F950 to shoot a Bar Mitzvah. :)

But hey, if there's a demand for it then more power to ya.

09-27-2005, 02:43 PM
... then more power to ya.

LOL... was that pun intentional?

09-27-2005, 06:16 PM
BAM!!!! That's one smart cat up there in London!!! :)

09-27-2005, 06:43 PM
Hahah...more power to ya...nice.

No, I didn't buy one for it, but that would be nice :D I work for Kingdom, Inc...we sell mostly audio, but some video equipment and we got in a demo of this to use for a few weeks just in time for the wedding.

I can plug it in, but I was planning on handholding this one through the ceremony. I don't have the tripod plate for it, which leaves me to put it on a 501 Bogen head, instead of one of the nice Miller tripods like the 2 XL2s will be on. I can still plug it in, but I just won't be able to move around with it...unless I take the cord with me...LOL!

Jarred Land
09-27-2005, 07:33 PM
I can get batteries made, but the biggest i can produce in that size right now would be 3600mah.. is it worth it? Would be nice to get some 5000mahs on that baby, but they are just too damn small.

09-27-2005, 08:07 PM
3600 mah would give you about 40 minutes to an hour of runtime. So it depends on what price you could sell it at -- I think the JVC 3500mah batteries have an MSRP of $150; if you could bring 'em in at typical Jarred Land super-discount prices, then yes there may be a market.

I'm looking at the IDX package; looks like they'll offer two four-hour batteries, a charger, and a mounting plate all for an MSRP of $1000. That's probably the best deal for useful long-form management -- especially because the IDX's will have a power tap on 'em that's designed to run the FireStore.

Now, about weddings -- I'm thinking this JVC might be the ultimate wedding cam. I haven't seen a wedding video in the last few years that wasn't 100% slow-mo. The JVC will shoot the nicest slow-mo of any camera out there (at least until the HVX, which provides multi-rate slow-mo). So you combine full-res slow-mo with a shoulder-mount form factor, and the IDX batteries for four-hour runtimes, and I'm thinking maybe the wedding crowd will adopt the HD100...

Jarred Land
09-27-2005, 08:21 PM
yeah.. thats the thing.. i could get em to you a whole lot cheaper but 45 minutes seems like a bunk solution. I think the 3600mahs would be about $45.

I got a sample here just gotta find someone with a HD100 to test it :)

09-27-2005, 08:37 PM
Mine'll be here Thursday. So bring the sample with you to L.A. and I'll take it back with me... :thumbsup:

09-27-2005, 08:43 PM
I'll test it for you on Saturday :beer:

I thinking the best bet in my case would be to go with the Anton Bauer plate...I already have a collection of AB batteries. I just got the plate for my XL2 and it actually balances out the lens.

09-28-2005, 02:24 AM
BAM!!!! That's one smart cat up there in London!!! :)


09-28-2005, 06:20 AM
Jarred! You Are Surrounded! Release All The Gnomes Under Your Bed Which Make The Batteries For You!!!


09-28-2005, 10:43 AM
Or you can use an A-B gold mount and some Swift batteries. They're good and much cheaper than IDX or A-B. But I would go for Jarred's solution and get 4 or 5 of those batteries.

Jarred, if they'll work fine could you send me some?