View Full Version : Gain question for GY-HM170/200

01-01-2016, 06:55 AM
OK so silly question. I am coming from a Panasonic HMC40 were as I open the iris IF it needs to go into gain it continues like the iris is turning up. The hmc40 steps up 1db, 2db and so on. With the JVC my 3 settings are l=3bd,m=6db, and h=15db. So if I have the switch set to 6db gain and my iris is already opened to its full potential does the camera automagically adjust to what it needs up the 6db or is it 6db always and whatever the iris is set to, like 2.0 plus 6db? Hopefully I have made my question clear enough.

01-19-2016, 07:52 AM
Hi Chad, I am curious about this too. I am in the same position having owned the Panasonic HMC-41, the sister cam to your HMC40 I must say the Panasonics seemed a lot more logical. With the H170 the set gain seems permanently active whatever the f-stop which seems crazy. My test footage in dull daylght accidentally had +24Db gain set and looked terrible. What is the point I having gain active before maximum aperture is reached? PS Just spent an hour updating the firmware. The download from the U.S site wouldn’t even unzip on my PC here in the UK. Eventually I found the European site download. Again ambiguous instructions doubtless translated from Japanese. Here’s the way it actually worked: Download and unzip the PRIVATE folder and copy to sd card previously formatted on pc so there are NO other files in the directory. Camera with battery attached AND AC adaptor plugged in - press zebra and mode buttons whilst turning cam on- keeping pressing until update screen appears, 8-9 seconds). Insert card to slot B. Update starts. On completion, remove card and disconnect ac and battery. Reconnect battery/ac adaptor- switch on. Go to reset all in System menu and perform re-set. Unfortunately this wipes out most of your customization settings so you have to re-do all those again which is a pain. My Nikon pro slrs are much simpler to update and you don’t lose your custom settings, but there you are!

01-22-2016, 03:16 AM
Just checked with an acquaintance who is a professional videorapher. His shoulder mounted Panasonic's gain control, once set, is active throughout the aperture range.