View Full Version : jvc gy-hd101 or jvc gy-dv700we

09-23-2005, 09:00 AM
hi folks, just need some advice on camera for short docs on surfing and small music gigs in southern africa. I've an option on a used but good cond GY-DV700we w/ Canon 19x lens (16:9 + 2/3ccd's + SD) vs a new GY-HD101. With IDX battery for the 101 the prices are about the same. i've browsed the forums, spoken to a few video people (who've had strong opinions in both directions) and still can't decide...but need to sort of now...any advice or pointers very welcome...cheers

09-23-2005, 11:29 AM
hate to say it because i like the big cams...
but the hd100u i am going to buy... i
simply wouldn't buy a jvc 2/3 inch chip camera unless it was a steal.... now if it is a steal then go for it.
unfortunately jvc isn't known to build the greatest stuff

09-23-2005, 11:59 AM
Sorry caldwell, I completely disagree. JVC has a very good record here in Europe and me personally it has never let me down...

Barnonvlei, I've had a GY-DV700WE and I'm waiting on my GY-HD101E (used one already). The 700 is a wonderful machine. Never let me down, impecable quality and so on. But in the light of newest technology I'd go for the HD101E (hell, otherwise I'd kept my 700...). Of course, if you're only using SD, the JVC is a 2/3 inch chip...

Are you certain you can find a 700 for the same price as a 101e?

09-25-2005, 07:13 AM
thanks caldwell & mezelf27 - i am leaning towards the hd-101e but there seem to be quite a few posts re teething problems (split screen/dead pixels) - also i need the camera to be really reliable for where i will be using it - maybe best to wait until the 101 has been out for a few months - cheers

09-25-2005, 08:20 AM
probably a good call...
note a lot of people here (canada) are testing the hdv vs Sd/ (2/3inch sd that is)... the difference is not that great. Usually the dollar value and the "hd" name... unfortunatley Can broadcasters aren't buying into hdv... they don't think its the cats meow so where does that put you...
if its not true Hd and size of the camera (advantages of small rigs for travel etc) what are the other advantages? I like larger cameras for sporting events... especially long lens stuff like surfing, the lenses are made for it... the jvc lens on the hd100 does not have variable zoom speeds unlike most pro lenses... so sports could be a pain unless you manual zoom the thing which is doable but definately "a look" that you either embrace or not.

back to JVC quality... hey I only go by what I see in the field and in Canada its never seen... really Sony is so dominant here with a few panasonics sprinkled in.
however I should not pretend to be an expert about JVC quality I am only reporting on rumour and that really isn't fair. I tested the jvc hd100... mixed feelings, best little handi cam i have ever seen, but yes split screen... but how much low light surfing is there?