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09-17-2005, 11:01 AM
I've paid my HD101E two month ago but it still isn't there...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to 'test' a HD100E. It was the first time I saw one in real-life. Quite an amazing package. It is 'small', but big in another way...

From reading posts, I had thought the balance with the standard battery was fine. It wasn't for me though, very front heavy and almost to light to hold steady. I have to admit I'm quite a muscular guy, so the shoulder-pad was over half way to the back. Thank god I've got my IDX-adapter already. That will be much better.

Incredible build-quality. The lens has the appearance of an 1/2 inch lens, rather than a 1/3 inch (like the panasonic AJ-D200, ...): it is bigger, heavier and sturdier.

This might seem a strange comment: but it is really, really BLACK. no dark gray, no blue-like (like on some pictures)... Deep black. Very nice, hope it's not to hot to handle in the summer :-)

No dead pixels on the item. Split screen at +18 dB (I'm sorry, I really couldn't care less...). Fine at +9 dB.

Focus assist... What can I say? It was somewhat strange at first, but when you get used to it, it is a marvellous tool. Works very, very well (checked all footage on a JVC HDTV LCD via HDMI).