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03-01-2015, 06:16 PM
Hey everyone!
WE are working on our second short film and are needing help fund it! Our goal is $600, and that will help cover the rest of the fees! I'll attach the link so everyone can check it out! If you'd like, donate/share! Any amount of help is great!

A little about ourselves:
WE are a film team from Oklahoma called H&W Films. We are comprised of Brandon Warnock and Austin Hatcher. Our first short film, Thicker Than Water won the President's Award for the North Carolina Film Awards and has also been selected into many film festivals. Here's the link to the trailer for that! https://vimeo.com/98370516

Here's are links to some of our other work!

This next short film is currently untitled. It is a crime/drama/thriller that revolves around a grizzly murder and a mysterious disappearance. We drew inspiration from various true stories.

Chek out the link and PLEASE help us make this possible!

gofund.me/hwshortfilmfund (http://www.gofundme.com/hwshortfilmfund)

Thanks again!

-Brandon Warnock and Austin Hatcher