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01-14-2015, 05:57 AM
The background:

I started a documentary some time ago. So far there was 1 day shoot, shot by a pro cinematographer and assistant (and a pro sound guy), on 2 Canon C300 cameras running simultaneously (one wide and one close, to ease editing and avoid artificial intercuts), set to Canon C-Log. Both cameras used the same exposure (aperture setting).
There may well be at least one more day shooting which will be done either with 1 or 2 Canon C300 camera(s) and/or with 1 or 2 DSLR cameras.

The budget for the entire project comes from my own pocket. Being retired with almost no savings, my pocket is depleted, so, having no other option, correction/grading, editing and post will be done by me.
The editing will probably be done with Edius 6, which by now I'm fairly familiar with. I did a test editing and managed to successfully edit a short documentary with the material being shot so far. The editing consists selecting the parts to be included, choosing the order of the shot parts on the timeline and constantly switching between the 2 cameras in each clip.
Should having more shoot/s will be impossible, this short documentary may stand on its' own. To my view, the content justify distributing this movie, in whatever length it will turn out to be. I'm determined to do it, however, as it stands now, it can only done by me, with whatever tools and skills I have.

Technical background:

The files are 1920x1080 25p, 4:2:2 8bit 50Mbps.
Some of the shots were done outdoors, with a reflector to soften the shadows, while some of the shots were done indoors, with controlled lighting.
There is no need to change anything between the shots done indoors.
As for the shots done outdoors, on most takes, very little changes are needed, if any, accept for one situation when a cloud came in and then went out and the exposure (aperture) was changed twice during the take which is vital due to its' content.

One thing that needs be done is to counter the Canon C-Log. I'm not sure what it's called, whether color correction, or color grading or whatever.
Other than that, possibly some additional color grading will be useful, however, most probably it will be the same grading for all indoors shots and most outdoors shots, save the exposure changes when the cloud came in and went out.

When making the considerations specified below, I'd rather take into account possible other shoots, including shoots that may be done with DSLR camera(s) and situations where changes will need to be done along certain shots and between shots.

Tools considerations:

I have Vision Color ImpulZ Ultimate which most probably will be used, combined with any other software option(s).

The two main software route options are:
A1. DaVince Resolve 11.
A2. Adobe CC suit (including PP, AE, SpeedGrade) plus FilmConvert Pro and Neat Video Pro.
I have all the above, plus Wondershare Video Convertor Ultimate.

Which route will suite me better to ultimately attain best pro-looking results?
In case when both routes are equal in terms of possible end results, which one is easier to learn and master?
Also, which one can possibly be integrated with Edius 6, switching between editing and grading without needing to render each stage?

Workflow questions:

B1. My first debate/question is whether to leave all files as they are (including possible future DSLR files), or convert all to high bitrate 10 bit files (either ProRes HQ or DNxHD [185x or 365x], or another) prior to any corrections/manipulations?

B2. If there's any possible benefit in converting the files to 10 bit ones, which conversion tool/software is best, or is recommended?

B3. Would corrections and grading better be done on all files from the cameras, or on a rough cut, or on the final cut? (I don't lack storage space at this stage).