View Full Version : Getting started with Motion Graphics

11-11-2014, 10:23 AM
So, I consider myself a DP/Camera operator who also likes do dabble in things like directing and editing (I have a decent number of projects where I'll more or less be wearing all the hats), and lately I've been really enjoying teaching myself motion graphics to use in my work. My clients have absolutely loved the effects, as basic as they are, and while I don't plan on ever being a full on motion graphics artist, I'd really like to expand my skillset. Generally, my process has been figuring out what needs to be happening at each moment, then watching reference videos until I find a technique that I like enough to use, then find a tutorial on how to do it. While it's worked well, it's extremely time consuming and I'm worried that I'm not gaining a strong grasp on the fundamentals. I know there are tons of great resources for learning different techniques on youtube, but I have yet to come across anything that's packaged as "learning the fundamentals of motion graphics" online. Do you guys have any good suggestions for where I could find something like that? Free is nice, but I don't mind doing a paid course if the cost isn't too high.