View Full Version : Offer to JVC HD owners in LA

09-06-2005, 02:46 PM
If you have this new camera and are a pro. I'm willing to cut you a great deal to be you gaffer or grip on your next short project, just to get some experience with that camera and what it can do.


by the way, it looks like my plate, rods, chrozeil follow focus and mattmox from my DVX will all work on the JVC.

below is my production package:

Camera: Panasonic DVX100 24p/30p/60i (HVX200 on order)
Cartoni fluid head Action Pro tripod
Chromizoil follow focus gears with support plate (for rack focus)
Wide angle lens (expensive one, not the adaptor)
Slow manual zoom feature
Two stage pro Matte box
Three batteries 22hrs and AC power
4x4 Filters: polarizer; soft FX1; pro mist1/4; Black frost2; clear
72mm filters: warm black pro mist ; soft FX1; black diffusion 1/2
14 Flat screen monitor with 25 & 50 s-cables
Rideable Dolly system with 30 of Norms heavy wall industry track
Professional Porta-Jib Traveler
Vista pan & tilt remote head for jib
Varizoom steady cam device
Mini tripod, mono pod, Hi hat
Dry erase slate

Sound: Two - Audio Technica pro boom mics with wind screens
Two - Gitzo 12 boom poles and shock mount
Two - 50 ft cables, 2 -25 cables, 1 15 cable
1- SM58 hand held mic and stand
Sennheizer Lav EW112-G2 wireless
Shure M367 6 channel ENG mixer
2 - Sony professional headphones

Light & grip kit: Desisti, Arri, Mole and Westcott pro tungsten light kits
1- 1k 36x48 Westcott Softbox (chimera)
1- 1k 24x32 Westcott Softbox (chimera)
1- 1k 12x50 Westcott stripbank (chimera)
1- 500 Westcott Softbox (chimera)
1- 250 Lowell Rifa Softbox (chimera)
2- 650 Fresnels with barndoors & scrims
1- 300 Fresnels with barndoors & scrims
2- 200 Fresnels with barndoors & scrims
1- Cinemagic incy balanced dimmable fluorescent
1- 200 mini mole with doors
1- 250 midget mole with doors
1- 400 mole babysoft
1- 650 mini with doors
1- 650 king with doors
1- Beatie super hi light
5- 250 floods, rope lighting, mini fluorescent
one 12x12 or 6x6 frame 12x12silk/single/ solid
C stands/ heavy, medium light duty stands
2- Reflector umbrellas; 4- gel frames
1- Westcott 52 6 in 1 reflector kit
Black & white boards/ Duvetyne full roll
Flags: solid/single/double/silk. Full plumber cord roll
Gels/ND rolls .3, .6, 1.2 /diffusion/ CTO/CTB
Cinefoil (black wrap)/gaffers tape/ Tarp
Clamps: 2 cardellinies/ 1 quacker/ 4 screw ins
2 Baby plates/ 4 scissor clamps/ 1 gaffer grip
Grid clamp, offset, 60 spring clamps, mini to #3.
2 Wall spreaders, 2 mafer clamps, c-47s
2 c-clamps/baby pins
3 to 6 and 7 to 12 mattpoles.
3 step to 6 step and extension ladder.
Mini grip set with rods. 90 degree gobo grip
Extension cords, power strips, cube taps, 1K dimmers,
Inverter(for shooting in cars), sand bags
Low wattage bulbs for house lights replacement
Hand tools and cordless drills and saw. Flashlights.