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Nicholas Natteau
09-23-2014, 09:05 PM
About 15 years ago I shot an interview in standard definition DV-480i. The interviewee was an elderly WWII veteran whose skintone was noticeably reddish.

I am trying color correct the subject in Adobe Speedgrade and need some advice in terms of the best way to color balance his face. As you can see from the RGB waveform tool, the red in his face is way too striking. Can anyone advise me on what might be the best method to use to dial down the reddish skintone??? Thanks very much in advance.


Not sure why, but the snapshot is not displaying full size. I can send the image full size by email to anyone interested in taking a closer look at the image. Thanks again.

09-23-2014, 09:35 PM
I've not used Speedgrade for years now, but on the systems i currently use i would use a key/qualifier and pick a skin tone from someone who may have had a few less shots of whiskey, and use that to auto match… if you don't have auto match then use a wipe and go at matching the skin tones manualy

Someday i should look at the current iteration of Speedgrade, do they have independent control of RGB|LLG yet ( like Resolve's Primaries with luma mix set to 0)?


PS.. i graded an entire feature where the male lead would be OK in the morning and by mid afternoon would have skin tones close to that guy's…. i built a library of skntones from the morning shoot to match him to, keyed out his whiskey soaked skin, and filled it with the morning skin tones… 3000 shots….

Nicholas Natteau
09-24-2014, 07:07 AM
Hi Dermot and thanks for your feedback. Yes, I believe Speedgrade does have independent color sliders on one of their tabs. I'm just starting to learn it as I've been using Premiere's Fast Color corrector and 3-way corrector until now.