View Full Version : Colin Guinn possibly the most well known person in multicopters joins 3D Robotics

06-25-2014, 01:07 PM
As news goes it's not entirely a surprise, I've posted myself on a few groups in the past that I wouldn't be surprised to see Colin Guinn turn up at 3D Robotics, anyone in the multicopter scene has likely seen Colin Guinn's videos and I'm sure his skills are more marketing than technical, but that aside he really built the foundations of consumer multicopter acceptance especially in the US and was the key player in making the DJI name fairly mainstream.

In contrast 3D Robotics are a lesser known smaller player than DJI, but I can say wholeheartedly from personal experience they have shown excellent customer service, unlike any commercial multicopter manufacturer I've encountered to date, but 3DR's products whilst offering a lot of power features in the software haven't delivered the ease of use for video that the DJI Phantom and larger DJI models have, having Colin Guinn on board seems a logical choice to solve that problem, he's been appointed to oversee new product development and global marketing.

By coincidence I'd already stripped one of my Vulcan copters of all its DJI components this week, I'm doing the same with the remaining one, the recent issues over the A2 controller lead me to believe DJI doesn't care enough about its end users and I'm not putting my safety on the line. There's a good article on the flight controller software testing for anyone wanting to educate themselves: http://www.uavhive.com/2014/06/24/dont-let-multicoper-software-harm-you/

Ironically in a DJI promo video that was supposed to present DJI in a good light, Colin Guinn said the two main developers were having as little as 4 hours sleep and writing code to test their code, I hope he was exaggerating, developers testing their own code is one of the basic rules of things not to do. In future it'll be interesting to see if Colin purposely lets a few secrets slip.

For 3DR, I think if anyone can tap into interest from new users and speak to disillusioned DJI owners it's Colin Guinn, as long as he keeps away from the customer service function and leaves the current team working as they are, DJI in the next year onwards could really have competition to worry about.

I'll happily pay money for decent after care service, multicopter products are cheap enough, the competition now needs to be on pre-release testing, service and support.

06-26-2014, 02:11 AM
At least 4 ex-DJI North America staff are confirmed working at 3DR as of this morning.

Other than Colin there is:

Robert Hull – Cinematographer
Scott Horn – UAV Pilot
Kate Blaising – Marketing