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08-25-2005, 10:48 AM
how fascinating it is to hear of all these people doing interesting projects in far away places!

i just finished a film in southern sudan, about the dinka shot using vx2000; sound has been a major problem in editing but it wasn't the cameras fault i dont think, rather dust which destroyed our sennheiser and malaria which fried my brain. the vx2000 stood up to the harshest conditions i have ever worked in- the tape jammed for three days but then decided to open up, i got malaria and bilharzia and was lucky not to have been killed by a rock thrown by a naked lunatic, and then by a gun battle in a cowboy town.

now i took another loan having not paid off the first, moved to uganda to develop the project closer to where it will be shot and bought a dvx100ae to shoot the next it, a development of the last theme.

anyone have ideas as to where and how we can get money for projects in far away dangerous and difficult places? how did you do it?

SOLAR PANELS? anybody with ideas?
TWO CAMERAS- definitely.
PAG LIGHT- we had one, i used it once- without it i wouldn't have got the best shot of the whole film, but its heavy batt. pack.
WORRY? its not worth the effort.

We should start our own website

Bye and good luck

08-25-2005, 11:56 AM
If you plan to do this as a non-profit documentary, you should be able to get a fiscal sponsor, grants, and donations. There are several grants that are aimed at African documentaries specifically. One drawback to grants is, it does take a lot of time and you are running against others looking for money, too. So, also go the donation route. But your first step is going to be getting a fiscal sponsor in the US or UK.