View Full Version : Pan & Zoom in 4K Clips on 1080 Timeline in Premiere Pro

Michael Erlewine
05-02-2014, 02:37 AM
Since we now have 4k clips, but still tend to deliver in 1080 format, how would I put a 4K clip in a 1080 timeline in Premiere Pro, and then zoom around in the 4K, creating a 1080 frame in that 4K?

05-02-2014, 04:50 AM
I don't know if you're a first timer Premiere user, so here's the basic procedure:
-First must create a "New Sequence" where do you can specify your video parameters as resolution, speed, aspect ratio ans so on.
-Once this sequence has been created you can trow your footage as regular even the 4K.
-Then in the the "Effect Control Panel" at the 'Motion" you can adjust any particular reference to scale, position, rotation and opacity, and if you need to animate the zoom or pan you need to create some keyframes to do it, just be sure to have select the video clip which you want to modify in the sequence, then adjust the parameters.

A small trick that i normally do, is to drag a video clip with the base format of my project (ex. a normal 1080p footage from the camera) then drag this clip to the icon that looks like a multiple pages (the icon is placed below the "Project" window right next to the folder icon) this will create a sequence with the exact parameters of the file.
Hope this can help you a little, if need more help you ask, still been free :)

Michael Erlewine
05-02-2014, 05:04 AM
I am ashamed to say I am not a new Premiere Pro user, but am new to trying to pan & zoom on a 1080 timeline and dropping a 4K clip in the line. I have panned and zoomed still photos for years. There is something I don't understand and obviously I don't know what it is by definition.

I drop a 4K clip and select it in the timeline viewing box. It is selected and appears with box boundaries much larger that the small 1080 frame part of it that is shown. That is good.

If I play that 4K clip, it does not play showing me the expanded part of the clip that 4K indicates. It starts at the beginning of the clip and sizes it to fit the 1080 form. It all fits in the 1080 frame. Hmmm.

If I stop the playing, the image reverts to the 4K image with very wide bounding box, showing me the section that the 1080 window will allow. If I try to play with key frames, this double view persists. It won't behave.

This is why I must be missing something simple.