View Full Version : Difference between Davinci Resolve and Magic Bullet Looks

04-01-2014, 06:36 AM
First off let me apologize for the noob-type of question, but I'm just learning how to edit (using Vegas Pro 12) and would soon like to delve into changing the 'look' of the scenes in my videos.

Are these two programs basically the same, or do they offer different functionality? Is one stronger than the other, when it comes to creating different looks, to video footage?

Thanks in advance for those that provide input!

04-02-2014, 05:58 AM
MBL is easy to use. Resolve has a steep learning curve but is infinitely more powerful. MBL is really more about stylizing a look. Resolve is a complete color processing and finishing tool. They are in different leagues.

04-02-2014, 06:22 AM

Victor Nhat Nguyen
04-02-2014, 06:27 PM
In my opinion if you're editing on a non raw cameras like DSLR, magic bullet is fine but if you're using raw cameras like Black Magic then it would be better to go with Resolve for better capabilities.

04-02-2014, 06:48 PM
Actually, it is even MORE reason to have the capabilities of Resolve when you do not have the latitude of raw to save the shot.