View Full Version : Where to find emerging VFX artists to help with a few shots for a zombie short?

02-24-2014, 11:33 PM
We are hoping someone can give us an idea on where we might find new VFX artists who may be willing to help spruce up a few shots in a zombie short. The film has already been shot and won 2 awards with a quick festival edit. We are now in the process of attaining a proper score, finishing off sound effects and ADR, grading and hopefully a bit of VFX.

Pretty much looking for someone to add some blood squirts and sprays to some slashes, some splashes tracked to a wall and machete, and blend some CG and actual blood on a machete through a head. Also if someone's up to it, make one of the slashed zombies head come off!

It's been a great collaborative experience with a lot of talented individuals who have given their time for free. This work would also be unpaid. No budget films are always a scary undertaking but we're hoping to find talented people who are looking for a chance to show their skills, gain experience, and network with the idea of future collaborations.

The footage is RED 4k (thanks to a generous friend!). We are based in Brisbane, Australia.


02-25-2014, 02:04 PM
You could also try the Jobs section in the Marketplace here.

Sounds interesting though.
Good luck.