View Full Version : What VFX would you outsource ?

01-21-2014, 06:55 AM
What motion graphics or video special effects are you / independent filmmakers most like to outsource (for $) if any? Titles? Sky replacement? Other?
I ask because I am mentoring a lad who wants to study motion graphics / video special effects as a career, on his own, and am wondering if there are any particular VFX skills that he would be best advised to focus on for the purpose of freelancing in the future, targeting indie filmmakers.
Any thoughts appreciated,

02-09-2014, 06:03 AM
A lot can come down to what software he owns, not just what skills he has. Right now I have Adobe CC which means that if there's anything I can do in After Effects, I'm going to do it myself. But if a client requests a 3D animation that requires Cinema 4D, or some other very expensive software, then I'll be tempted to outsource because it won't make sense for me to spent the $3500 on that software for one job.

I'd say everyone's level of skill and comfort with graphic and VFX varies, but I'd say for the most part we will learn the skills and buy the software for the stuff we do regularly (titles, chroma key) and outsource the type of specialty jobs that come around only once in a while (building custom 3D models from scratch, object morphing, liquid effects).

02-13-2014, 10:49 AM
If he's a student autodesk is free...


Great programs used in all industries.

If not a student he can check out houdini apprentice for $99.


also I agree with adobe creative suite. Big fan. There's nuke as well. Hope this helps.