View Full Version : Time Lapse with Quicktime 7

08-08-2013, 06:04 AM
I was hoping someone could help me out with using Quicktime 7 for merging still images together for a time lapse series. When I click 'Open Image Sequence' and select the first photo in the folder (I have them all in a separate folder in numerical order), select my frame rate and hit OK, all it does is open up the first photo...it never brings any others in or merges them together. I did some searching online, but all the tutorials seem like they work fine for everyone else. Anyone ever heard of this?

Wondering if there's some kind of issue with me running Quicktime on a PC. It's a pretty new machine with an i7 processor, so I know it's not a hardware issue. I downloaded Quicktime 7, but it made me buy the Pro version to activate the Open Image Sequence Button. All of the tutorials I've seen show selecting the frame rate in a separate pop-up window, but mine has it in the original window where I choose the first photo. Any ideas?