View Full Version : Nvidia Quadro FX 4000 2GB - Good for Post Production ?

05-28-2013, 08:04 AM

Wondering if this is an overkill for videography.
I am getting into Motion Graphics though, and even in a short 640 x 480 comp. my core i7 slows down in After Effects CS6 ( Win7 64bit system, 6GB RAM ) I can see this getting worse with HD, and I would not even try editing 4K RED footage with lots of graphics and 3D.
I do however, want to start integrating 3D graphics and effects into my workflow, eventhough most of my motion graphics is still 2D. Also will have access to a greenscreen studio next year, so will try a bit of compositing.
The SDI feature seems killer. Just plug in a Marshall Field Monitor or a Panasonic reference monitor through the SDI connection and you're set! Oh yes, I was forgetting... I also want to start experimenting with super slow motion... 1000 fps +... is the Quadro good for that? or an overkill?

06-26-2013, 11:37 AM
I happened upon this thread, not my usual place

The performance of a Q2000 is around the same as a GTX285 but much more expensive. What you'd be paying for is not performance but reliability. The Q2000 is not stressed like the GeForce cards and will run cooler and for longer periods of time. It's not to say the Geforce cards are bad, they are very good but i've been through quite a lot and it's instability that's always made me move. I'm pretty stable with one of these Quadros at the moment but performance isn't so hot - so i'd look at a next gen geforce to be honest.

The SDI support is another board that plugs into it, the card by itself does not have SDI out.

There are so many monitoring options and the price of the nvidia option is very high. I personally run a black magic decklink extreme for monitoring which is cheaper and better.

So it's not as easy as you think. Too many options