View Full Version : Introducing Panolapse - adding panning motion to timelapses

05-27-2013, 04:08 PM
Greetings! I'm happy today to launch Panolapse, a new software tool for adding panning motion to time-lapse images and videos.


Download free at http://www.panolapse360.com/

Panolapse was originally developed for adding motion to the timelapses in the Blue Eden project (http://www.youtube.com/blueedenhd). The concept behind Panolapse is similar to that of 360 panorama viewers, using perspective warping to allow rotational movement. Set the camera's start and end keyframes, and Panolapse will interpolate the pan. Unlike standard software-editing programs that crop and slide a viewing window around, Panolapse corrects for perspective so that it appears as if the camera is actually pivoting inside a scene.

Panolapse is essentially the software version of a motorized head. The program is best used with wide-angle lenses that capture as much of the scene as possible. It works with all cameras such as full-frame sensor, crop-sensor, point-and-shoots, GoPros and fisheye lenses, which can allow up to 180 degree panning over 2 axis.

I've been testing Panolapse with my last video project in the Bahamas (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vDGT9ioLQU&hd=1). With a Nikon 14-24mm, I usually just set it to 14mm and then reproject to about 24mm for the animated pan. I haven't tried it yet, but I'd imagine that a 180 fisheye lens on a motorized slider with Panolapse would allow for some even cooler movement...

Please try it out! Comments and feedback welcome.