View Full Version : RippleTraining FCPX course recommendation for a PremierePro user

03-30-2013, 01:27 PM
Fan of Ripple training but they have many options for learning FCPX. Can anyone who has purchased any of their classes make a recommendation?


04-02-2013, 03:58 PM
I would get as much of their training as possible. I would recommend get training that's related to 10.0.3 and above. Ripple has always had a way of making FCP more enjoyable to use with their no-nonsense approach. I've purchased some of their FCP X training and now I feel more inclined to use than before. What are the areas of editing you focus on the most? Once you figure that out, it may aid in your purchase options.

Frizzle Fry
04-03-2013, 11:01 AM
This is the one that got me from zero to editing in just a couple of days:


I've purchased many of their tutorials since, and I can't say enough good things about them. Excellent training at a reasonable cost. You won't be disappointed.

Curtis Mack
04-03-2013, 12:57 PM
+1 Ripple's training showed me possibilities that I would not have discovered on my own without weeks of work.