View Full Version : Anaglyph 3D to Polarized (native) 3D

Vigil_ Ant
02-19-2013, 03:01 AM
Hello all,

I'm new to this forum (as most newbies pronounce) and I am in search of your sought-after wisdom.

Here's the goal : To have a 3D, polarized image projected (either via 3D monitor or projector) of the film I am working on. It would be ideal if this was a live output as to avoid any further render time just to preview the work.

So my question is : Is it possible to render out (from after effects) an anaglyph 3D red/cyan image or even side-by-side image so that we can view it on a 3D monitor that will process, this image, into polarized 3D as to view it through the standard, polarizing glasses handed out to us at cinemas before watching a 3D film?

Wow, that was tiring, alright, so I'm working on this film which is quite heavily reliant on CG and so we decided that going 3D would add a lot of depth to the film. Most of the production was shot in-front of a greenscreen and so practically stereoscopic 3D or S3D would be the cheaper, more practical route.

I hope that my understanding of 3D is correct in that the standard red/cyan image which can also be previewed side-by-side, over under, interlaced and etc. is later sent to the cinema (or 3D monitor) and it is then the projectors job to polarize the image for the audience to be able to view it in the newer polarized image technology.

So again, what would I need to do to firstly, export the video so that it is compatible for 3D cinema and secondly, so that we would be able to preview it on a 3D monitor?