View Full Version : AE RAW import error from GH3

02-09-2013, 12:27 PM
I'm using AE CS5 with LR4 and PS CS6. I've updated ACR to the latest version (to 7.1 which I was required in order for me to work with GH3 images in PS and/or LR).

However, when I try to import a RAW image sequence shot on a GH3, I get an error instead of getting ACR. In contrast, if I import a GH2 RAW image sequence into AE, ACR opens and I can do the import. But here's the catch, and almost certainly the reason why I'm getting the error. AE launches version 6.7 of ACR, not the latest 7.1.

So it seems as though each Adobe program keeps track of the latest version of ACR that is installed, but the update to ACR 7.1 only told the latest versions of their applications (PS, AI, LR4) that there was a new version of ACR installed.

Thanks Adobe. (I *thought* that Adobe continued to support their prior releases back a couple of full versions, but apparently I thought wrong.)

So, does anyone know if there is a configuration file for AE that I can go in and manually update for it to point to the latest version of ACR? I'm thinking there must be some kind of file that keeps track of stuff like plugins that I can try playing with.

Or maybe some other kind of workaround, short of upgrading AE or exporting all the RAW images before import?