View Full Version : Hello - New Here - gh1/gh2 or other cam for starting

02-08-2013, 07:29 AM
Hello - Very happy to find this forum. My daughter has taken an interest in film. She writes her own shows and scripts. She has been acting now for many years and she recently was asked to join comedy group in our area.
She has been using her Nikon point and shoot for this up to this point.

I have been reading now for a month or so and was hoping for some suggestions.

I like the GH series for the simple fact of the hacking of the cam. I am a technology professional and this naturally appeals to me. For our purposed, would the GH1 work well. I understand that it is a older device, but since they are less expensive would it be reasonable to start with that as an entry point?

The GH2 - very nice from what I have read. Is there a huge difference from the GH1? I understand there are differences but would it be worth the additional cost. Would if be a smart decision to get into the GH series and purchase a high quality lens? GH1 plus high quality lens.

Would we be better off going with a different cam altogether? More information that may be of help. I want to get something that will produce HD. We will not be producing this footage for any real use except for editing and I am sure she would want to have her work online. But as far a creating broadcast grade footage, that is not something we would need at this point.

Not wanting to break the bank. Really wanting to get her something that she can grow with. If after a year or so and she gets familiar with whatever device we purchase, I would be willing to take the next step and purchase something that she can take to college. She will be heading to college in about a year and a half or so.

I appreciate your time and expertise have a good one!