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07-22-2005, 02:05 AM
Well, I just got my DVX and I'm just about done with my pre-prod. for my first 5 minute short. A horror/comedy.

I went to my scouted location and did some 'experiments'. To get a feel for what i want and don't want. Finding out what kind of shots I could have and ones I couldn't. Time to do more work on my storyboard.

My budget is nearly non-existent, but my imagination is high! And I am confident my 'MacGuyver' skills will come in handy. I could rent things, but I really, really want to see what i can create by using the least amount of equipment.

The location will be a parking garage at night. It is lit up with a bunch of florescents.
I have a FL filter which i'll use to help get rid of unwanted green tint. Being that the place is lit up with FL's do I need addtional lighting? I'd like to have at least one key light available. On the camera, I'm going to lower the Chroma Level, heighten the Chroma Phase and adjust the Color Temp to something of a cooler blend. I'll also have the Matrix setting at normal. Hell, maybe I'll just scout another garage that isn't lit up with FL's. But if I don't have to, i'd rather not. Any advice?


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07-22-2005, 02:21 AM
congrats on getting the camera buddy...
hopefully la will cool off so its tolerable to shoot during the day or night...
t :grin:

08-14-2005, 05:13 PM
Kind of late, but parking garages usually have ideal lighting that provides really great-looking, atmospheric footage. If there's too much green, you can always just play around in post to make it look more how you want.