View Full Version : Is a 13" MBP good enough for FCP7 & X?

01-23-2013, 01:46 PM
Hi guys,

some advice needed on a MBP purchase. I'm a freelancer who does a little corporate and stills work, mainly cutting prores & prores HQ on FCP7 and stills on Lightworks. My trusty old silver key 15" MBP is ready for the render farm and I'll change over to FCPX at the same time and need advice on a replacement. I have my heart set on a 13" MBP non retina unibody which I would pimp out with a 2nd SSD drive in the optical bay (+ the 750g HDD) and 16G of RAM.

I want something a little smaller than a 15" as I'm on the road a lot and want a smaller form factor. I also want to keep away from retina as there's no FW800 and no chance to expand the drive/RAM (plus I steer clear of 1st gen machines). So for pretty basic cutting and graphics on FCPX, 7 & motion would a pimped out 13" be OK? How constraining is the lack of graphics cards inherent in this model?

many thanks,

01-24-2013, 01:34 AM
If you are happy with the screen size, a 13" MBP can do the job. It's not going to be a snappy, even with the SSD due to CPU/GPU combo, but it will do the job.

Set your desktop computer to the 13" resolution and check to see if you can work at this before buying though ;)