View Full Version : FCP7, FCPX, PP CS6, Avid:which NLE allows you to assign the most keyboard shortcuts??

Nicholas Natteau
12-30-2012, 08:17 AM
I've always worked fastest with keyboard shortcuts when editing and always prefer to avoid using the mouse. I love keyboard shortcuts so much that I use the mac program Alfred to do nearly everything on my mac.

I'm about to begin editing a long format documentary (90-min or so) and I'm curious to know which NLE has the most keyboard assignable shortcuts. Among the most important for me would be, shortcuts for:

video key framing (I'll be using a lot of stills that I will need to animate (zooms/pans), so having keyboard shortcuts to add, move, and jump from one keyframe to another is critical.
audio key framing - exact same needs
navigating across hundreds of files (video, audio, stills) that will be used in the long format doc-film. Keyboard shortcuts for drilling down and up through folders would also be crucial (bearing in mind that FCPX doesn't use bins)

Would very much appreciate any feedback/advice as to which NLE offers the most keyboard shortcuts or allows you the most freedom for assigning such shortcuts.

12-30-2012, 01:39 PM
take a look at Lightworks,

almost every command has a free assignable shortcut.
And the filehandling is close to a Smoke or a flame with a Desktop where you can sort your files visually and spread your work areas over different "Rooms" aka desktops.


learning it is a bit of a task at first ;)