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11-26-2012, 01:05 PM
Looking to shoot a :30 second spot for a local business that will be played back on jumbotron during local hockey league team games, and likely on television as well. In selecting resolution and frame rate for project, does one typically collaborate with distribution places prior to in order to determine those, or does the production guy him/themselves determine what they desire in terms of the look through frame rate and then export out in the necessary resolutions and formats for each distribution place (arena, local television affiliates)? Is frame rate crucial in the commercial playback process? If the local station broadcasts in 720p30, does my commercial have to be in 720p30, or does it merely have to be in the 720 resolution?

Obviously scaling down is no big deal, but what if the distribution place desires a frame rate of 30p when I desire a 24p-look? Do I have to consider a pull-down? Thanks for y'alls help!