View Full Version : Feedback on my short? Hummus Hotel, Nowhere

07-15-2005, 05:43 AM
Hi all,
i just released my last short film on the web. This is my best planned and most 'valuable' short film production so far. Even though it was shot in a rush (1 1/2 day for 20 min film) and I had to be very fast leaving a lot of things pretty rough, i'm pretty happy with the results :laugh: .

I feel like I need a feedback from experienced people and technicals. Most of the people liked it so far, but no real filmmakers among them :undecided .
There are things i like and things i dont like about it. But i'd like to have your expert opinions. I consider this forum a very valuable source of info.

Any kind of feedback about all the aspect (from the script to the music) will be highly appreciated :happy:

Anyway, the title is 'Hummus hotel, nowhere', and you find it on

thanks all,