View Full Version : Color correction solutions on imac (mini displayport)

Ivan Castell
11-06-2012, 04:02 AM

I'm editing my first indie documentary and I was planning to invest it an external card (matrox or blackmagic) and a good monitor (or a LG HDTV) to get a proper video signal that I can color correct with some accuracy, but unfortunely it seems that with my late 2009 imac, with no thunderbolt connection (it has a mini displayport MDP / usb2 & firewire 800) it's not an easy task. I cut on FCP7 and color correct on Apple Color (I'm planning to move to Premiere CS6 and Resolve). Right now I'm on a Spyder calibrated imac screen but I doubt this is optimal :)

After a huge research, these are the options I think I have:

1) Get an old MXO, so I can connect it via a MDP to DVI adapter and then the box to the monitor. But it only works on FCP7 and AE. I think it doesn't work in Apple Color (it's what I use for color correction), and no way to get it working on Premiere CS6 / Resolve lite. So, it'll work but it's a limited option, with no future now that FCP7 is EOL, and that no other CC apps work.

2) Get an Blackmagic DVI extender (DVI to SDI converter) and an HD Link Pro (SDI to DVI/HDMI monitor). But I don't know if this will work. It seems that yes, it'll work but I can't find if this support FCP, Avid, Color, Resolve, etc...

3) On some forums I've read that getting a THX certified HDTV, calibrate it with a THX Blu-ray Disc and it'll come quite close to REC 709. Connect the imac to the LCD via a MDP to HDMi, but without the external card that convert the computer signal to a broadcast signal, I don't know how reliable is this solution.

4) Sell my imac and get a Mac Pro or a new imac :) I can't right now.

The problem here is the lack of a thunderbolt port (or usb 3.0), there's a lot of cards from blackmagic & Matrox for new imac with TB, but the imac users with mini display port, we're left in the dark :)

I'll appretiate any feedback, ideas, etc...