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11-02-2012, 05:11 AM
Hi, just wanted to say hello to everyone. :) My name is Kam and I'm a polish-canadian student who has dreams of one day becoming an amazing filmmaker (specifically director/screenwriter/producer)! I'm 18, been living in Poland for the past 2 years, but raised in Toronto, Canada. I make my own youtube videos (youtube.com/KamTraczyk) and I currently go to an art school, I'm at our film department.
I have at least a dozen stories and plots (with the working titles) of movies I wish to make in the future, I am very ambitious, determined and dedicated like crazy to become great one day I've been editing my own stuff since I got my first Sony Vegas at around 13/14, but was making music videos with a webcam at 11.. today I watch movies aloooot, and I am learning that there are different types of movie styles/types, etc.
In the future, I don't want to work on documentaries, or shorts, or animated films, especially not anything television related. I wanna direct, produce and write high-end big-budget hollywood blockbusters!! I'm ready to miss a couple nights of sleep and go without eating and film in all conditions, rain, cold, hail, anything!

My favourite director is Christopher Nolan! I've seen all his films and shorts and he is my idol.. I could talk about him for ages.

On a personal note (film aside), I love philosophy, psychology, and sociology. i love to think and I actually have this thing called Maladaptive Daydreaming... anyway (my god, I am rambling..), which means I basically daydream 24/7 about different things that amaze me (it's hard to explain), and ofcourseeee, i love hockey (GO LEAFS GO)! Anyway, thats pretty much everything about me...

One forum related question.. how can I edit my profile/avatar? When I click edit profile/avatar, it sends me to a page where it says I do not have permission (due to either or 2 diff reasons).. Is it because I just signed up? How can I change it? Thanks!

Anyway, hope I get to know you guys soon!!! Cheers! :beer:

PS.(edit) I just posted my first "real" short film on this forum, if you want a link to the thread, here it is! Enjoy! :)

11-02-2012, 05:16 AM
welcome... not sure about the avatar... go into profile settings... as you can see... I don't have one...

11-02-2012, 05:32 AM
I just found a thread (It's actually a sticky) on this forum about it, it says not to worry, after posting for a little, it will enable you permission to change those things.
Thanks for the welcome! :D