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10-24-2012, 02:00 PM
Hi - I have been reading this forum and have found it very helpful. I am new to video production and have been learning tools and techniques as I make a career transition. I am planning on starting with some short documentaries about contemporary visual arts and their work to use as learning experiences. Looking at what motivates them, how they work and the work itself. I also have access to some master printers who are very interesting characters and work with artists to translate their work to print. As a novice I am always looking for suggestions on fast track learning approaches.

I am in the NYC area. so much to learn ... it is a lot to take in ... I have experience in the visual arts and have a good eye, but I need the techniques and skills to translate that into production. Look forward to learning and contributing as I do. I have taken some courses on tools and am looking for some opportunities to learn development, shooting and editing, but I am guessing doing it is the best teacher, mistakes and all. I have also been reading. Equipped with a good prosumer camera and sound support. Need to decide about a lighting kit. Working on the documentary proposals / treatment ideas now so I have something in writing. don't expect to need much to start in the way of funding and crew, especially for the initial shorts.