View Full Version : Post/Effects software package?

Ted Spencer
09-25-2012, 08:56 AM
Is there a well-recommended single packagesoftware suite for FCP7/X that provides a relatively comprehensive assortment of FX, compositing, titling etc., etc.? I'm looking to jump-start myself in that area, and wonder if there's a good place to get going with it without spending an arm and a leg. Up to a grand would be ok, and more if it's really worth it. Something to give me good overall functionality without necessarily being the absolute best at every aspect.


So far, in addition to the more routine stuff, I've done some messing around with chromakey work in FCP7 and got pretty marginal results at best. Maybe it's me and not the tool, but perhaps someone could weigh in on that question as well. Is FCP7's chromakey as weak as I think, or is it me ? : )


Chris Adler
09-25-2012, 09:08 AM
So you're aware of Adobe After Effects, right? That's the go-to standard for motion graphics, keying, compositing, effects, etc. I subscribe to the CS6 Cloud product for $30 a month and have access to all of their products.

Ted Spencer
09-25-2012, 09:58 AM
Hmm...I got AE on a MacBook Pro I bought a few years ago, along with the rest of CS4 Master collection. I don't use it much at all since it's not part of my desktop system, and I didn't buy it separately so I can't install it there. Maybe I'll look into connecting it to one of my desktop monitors and give it a good looking into. The other downside is that my MBP is a mere dual 2.5 while my desktop is an 8-core 2.8...

Good advice though, and as it turns out a cheap option to try! Thanks!

Otherwsie, what about things like Boris FX, Magic Bullet, etc. I know MB is mainly about color/looks etc., but thoughts anyway?